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Monday, May 7, 2012

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The snooping begins...


Is there a drone in your neighbourhood? Rise of killer spy planes exposed after FAA is forced to... via

Quite Orwellian....


Saturday, April 21, 2012


'Eggless' chick laid by hen in Sri Lanka  


Coca-Cola habit linked to New Zealander's death - - 8-10 liters of Coke a day?! How is that even possible?!

Some people are just too stupid!

Climate Alarmist Calls For Burning Down Skeptics’ Homes - - Now, that's not very good for the environment!!


Drone Use Takes Off on the Home Front - via - Orwellian creepy!!!! Big Brother sees you!!


Kopimism, Sweden's Pirate Religion, Begins to Plunder America - US News and World Report  


Nu har alla israelbojkottare ytterligare en sak de kan bojkotta:

Why indeed?!

Why Is It Necessary For The Federal Government To Turn The United States Into A Prison Camp? -

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Stupid people....

Aktivister nekades flyg - Världen - Sydsvenskan-Nyheter dygnet - runt - Helt rätt!!!

 Israel forces airline to cancel tickets of British 'flytilla' activists - via - Good for them!!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Stort vapenbeslag efter husrannsakan i skrotbil

Stort vapenbeslag efter husrannsakan i skrotbil i Kulladal?!
Nya seder och bruk bara.... Fru Ask har ju lovat att skärpa handeln med vapen, för Svenne Svensk!!

Muslimsk bön gick före åldringsvård – äldre kvinna dog efter fall

Muslimsk bön gick före åldringsvård – äldre kvinna dog efter fall
 Detta är bara något att se fram emot för oss alla när vi blir gamla och inte kan klara oss själva tack vare "massinvasionen" av dylika kretiner. Jag hoppas nästan att alla politiker och byråkrater får smaka på den här typen av "vård" när den dagen kommer..... 

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Fru Ask lovar skärpta vapenlagar

Fru Ask lovar skärpta vapenlagar
 Ja du fru Ask, det gör säkert stor nytta! Jag tror alldeles säkert att alla som har illegala vapen kommer att genast lämna in dom!
"Kraven på vapenhandlare skärps." Minsann!! Så nu blir det ännu svårare för Svenne Svensk att köpa ett vapen för att försvara sig medan gängen inhandlar sina illegalt, helt utan krav!! "Para liite penggar pehövs".....

Ny skottlossning i Malmö

Ny skottlossning i Malmö
 Anderssonskans Kalle är ute och busar igen?

Monday, March 19, 2012

How precious!

REPORT: Amid Travel Warnings, Obama Daughter Spring Breaks In Mexico...

"An AFP report that President Barack Obama’s 13-year-old daughter, Malia, is spending spring break in Oaxaca, Mexico appears to have been completely scrubbed from the Internet news sites that first reported it.
AFP first reported around mid-day Monday that Malia Obama was vacationing in Mexico with 12 friends under the protection of 25 Secret Service agents and a number of local police officers."

Read more:

And as usual, the taxpayers get to pay for this....


Sweden moving towards cashless economy - \ - WHISKEY TANGO FOXTROT!! #svpol

Pop Quiz for College Students

Pop Quiz for College Students
Unfortunately I got an A+!!!!


Greece on the breadline: cashless currency takes off -  
Greece on the breadline: 'potato movement' links shoppers and farmers -   The way it used to be!
 Interesting! And does that keep the gov'ts grubby hands off?

Friday, March 16, 2012

Gov't bureaucRATS again....

The Unwelcome Mat: How Not to Attract Tourists - - OMG!! Gov't bureaucRats @ it again!

More 1984

The CIA wants to spy on you through your TV: Agency director says it will 'transform' surveillance

It's just getting worse and worse....

I hate Google....

'Google is now just an ad company': Departing exec's Goldman Sachs-style rant about how search giant is now obsessed with harvesting people's private information

‘Nonsensical’: U.N. Human Rights Council Praises the Toppled Gaddafi Regime |

‘Nonsensical’: U.N. Human Rights Council Praises the Toppled Gaddafi Regime |'
Time to get rid of Useless Nations once and for all!


Record-seeking skydiver makes 13-mile test jump - Yahoo! News - Why in the world???!!
I certainly prefer terra firma .....